L2K Adapters

LEGO to keycap (L2K) adapters are a mold system technology designed specifically for casting artisan keycaps using two part silicone molds. L2Ks not only save a significant amount of time and hassle compared to previous casting methods, but they also produce higher quality molds. By providing repeatable and accurate alignment of the master keycap, L2Ks enable powerful advanced techniques previously only found in multi-hundred dollar mold systems. Intended for use by both beginner casters and professional artisans, L2Ks provide an extremely low cost solution for casting top quality products.

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Intro to L2K Adapters

L2Ks revolutionize the keycap casting workflow. Learn how they work and gain insight into advanced techniques.

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There's an L2K for your project, so find it on the datasheet and get making.

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